My name is Silvia Puig Brujas, I am an illustrator and a 2D traditional animator.
I am an artist with great versatility when it comes to illustrating, either in the technical aspect as in the style. This has been something that has really helped me when animating.
 I draw illustrations with all kinds of techniques: graphite, watercolors, gouache, acrylic, wax... an example of this is the videoclip Doctor Prats - De Matinada and of course I use a variety of tools in the digital world (Photoshop, Illustrator, Clip Studio, Toon Boom...).
Animation is my other passion, I've worked both on personal projects (Mon Amour, a short film awarded with Cornella City animation and comic 2013) and professional projects, Pip shortfilm for example a STUDIO KIMCHI production. These different projects I have worked on storyboards, animatics, backgrounds, props, layouts, in betweens, cleanup, color and matte painting.
I was also working on a television show "Heavys Tendres" in Barcelona for a year as an animator.
I studied for two months Clean-up in Madrid, in the studio of The SPA Studio.

Now I'm working as visualizer on IMC Toys and at the same time I'm working on a new short film called "Eider" like an Art Director and Animation Director. You can see the progress on -Facebook and Instagram- page.
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